clearing stale (false) hardware health status in SolarWinds / VMAN for a vCenter-polled ESXi node?

VMware ESXi 7.03 host running on Supermicro SYS-1029TP-DC1R server is showing a hardware health issue (power supply not present or failed) that used to be true, but no longer is.

The node is polled through vCenter. The host is all green in vCenter, as well as in IPMI/BMC hardware health monitoring.

Is there a simple way to clear this false flag? (Removing the host, running the database maintenance to clear stale / dormant data, and then re-adding the host - didn't help.)

(This is related to "missing ESXi hosts in SAM / VMAN (basic)" question as it was one of the issues where SolarWinds didn't poll vCenter correctly.)

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