Feature request - WebUI download Filesharing

With 15.4 there is a nasty new design that is confusing. When one creates a file share and sends it out to someone else the following happens:

The file starts downloading (caching) in the background without message pop up and once cached it will pop up the "where to save" message. That works fine with small files  but with large files this is highly confusing. We send out files that often exceed 20gb per file. The benefit of using Serv-U is that we do not have to move these big files to cloud or elsewhere. But when a user gets the download link and initiates the download nothing seems to happen.

They wait a bit .. nothing happens... wait a bit more and nothing happens. Not that weird with big downloads, even on fast connections it takes about 5 minutes to download 20+ gbs and not much people will wait that long. We know it is caching but the end user is getting no respons. Eventually the end user wil start to refresh the page or click multiple times on the download button.  Messy and very confusing. 

So make it that when you click download it shows you immediately a pop up screen where to save it or another way to interact with the end user that the download is happening.  

All this has been discussed in a support case: Case #: 01383509

Thank you!


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