Previous Cisco Switch Stack member reports for 2960/3850/4500 (VSS) stopped working after upgrade to HCO enterprise?

I had 3 different reports that worked great in the past

The SQLW for one is below

SELECT [data].[DisplayName] AS [DisplayName],[data].[InstanceSiteId] AS [InstanceSiteId]
FROM orion.nodes AS data
((([data].[NodeProperties].[EntityPhysical].[NodeID]) IS NOT NULL) AND (([data].[Vendor]) = ('Cisco')) AND (([data].[MachineType]) = ('Cisco Catalyst 38xx stack')) AND (([data].[NodeProperties].[EntityPhysical].[Position]) IS NOT NULL) AND (([data].[NodeProperties].[EntityPhysical].[EntityClass]) LIKE '%'+('chassis') + '%'))

Now when I run these reports I get an empty report with this in red "No activity to report."

I have tested removing the position and class fields but then I only get the parent node.

I have downloaded and imported this report from Thwack and while it works it lumps all the stacks into a single report (which I liked my previous option of sorting by Model) and it also doesn't include Cisco VSS nodes (like my 4500-L3 switches)

 Switch Stack Membership 

Any input on this would be greatly appreciated.