Status Only: SSH. Need to use "connection refused" or any other reply to SSH as polling method to know the status of a host.

Need to use "connection refused" or any other reply to SSH as polling method to know the status of a host. ICMP is Not an option on my network.

  • To the best of my knowledge, there are two ways to determine the status of a node.   Via ICMP, the default, or you can change it to use the SNMP connectivity for status.  This is done in "List Resources" for a node at the top where it says "Status & Response Time".   ICMP is usually selected, but you can change it to SNMP.

    No way to use SSH that I know of.   Probably because usually NPM doesn't use SSH at all.  Usually that's a thing that NCM uses (Network Configuration Manager), which is a module you can add on.  However, it doesn't contribute to the status of a node.   Since you are asking in the Hybrid Cloud Observability  forum, I'll assume that's what you're running.

    I say NPM doesn't usually use SSH because in a few cases it will augment its information doing special polling.   However, that's for a few select platforms, including Cisco Nexus, ASA and Palo Alto.  And even in those cases, its a very select amount of data that it gathers and I don't believe there is a way to get it to contribute to the status of the node.

    If you want this to happen, you should set up a "Feature Request" here in THWACK and make your case, which would include an explanation of why it would be useful and maybe even how you would expect it to work?

  • I guess the feature Im looking for is sort of a TCP ping, in which SolarWinds marks a host as reachable if said host answers (anything) on a specified port, in my case port 22.

    For security reasons the hosts im trying to monitor are only allowed to listen on port 22.

  • Availability polling is done in one of two ways for network gear:

    • Via a ping (quick, but useless for things with firewalls)
    • Or via an SNMP call (which is slower but isn't as subject to the firewall issue)

    This differentiation is shown in the "Edit Resources" for your particular device.

    The platform is not built to support random port checks, but instead industry standards for determining availability.

    Now, times do change, and if the platform needs to support this,  is correct, you should put in a Feature Requests for the community members and Product Managers to review.

  • You know, all that being said, there is a way you can check to see if port 22 is up on a port periodically using NPM.   But, it won't show up in Node Status.   You could use NetPath probes to check port 22 on devices.  Not sure if that would work for you or not?

  • Or add object as an "External node" with no status polling, and add a "SAM TCP Check" on port 22. Not as "heavy" as netpath.