DRS weak security

Is there a way to adjust the security settings for the DRS web service?  Our DRS server is getting a pretty bad report form the vulnerability scanning service.  It's almost to the point that I might need to disable it.

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  • I have reached out to that address and the security statement is cute.  It's 2023 and Solarwinds had a major security issue not log ago, but Dameware remote support (v12.3.0) still forces me to expose weak cyphers and forces me to use a self-signed, Solarwinds create certificate that reveals the internal host name.  I have used their procedure to replace the self-signed certificate and I have deleted it, only to have a new Solarwinds self-signed certificate created and bound to the port 443 service wihen I reboot the server.  The "committment" to security is not very sincere, at least when it comes to Dameware DRS.

  • Hi Daris, 

    The security team is reaching out directly to get a full understanding of the issue. We can see that your reached out to technical support with this issue. 

    It looks like the ticket was not transferred to the correct team but we have been made aware of the issue. 

    Any other security related items, please email psirt@solarwinds.com and you will get a direct response from the security team.