Install Dameware Remote Everywhere client from Intune (intunewin pakage)


I'd like to install the client software through Intune. I've got the MSI packages from Dameware Remote Everywhere > Download > agent and from device > add device and both work fine if I launch the MSI manually but through Intune (intunewin file) appears installed but in my Dameware remote Everywhere dashboard doesn't appear and, when I run the client "installed" runs the installation process... like were installed just one part or something like that

Has anyone faced this issue or could refer me to how to do it properly?

Thank you in advance

  • I've tried installing DRE as both an MSI install and a Win32 install in Intune.

    I can get the install to deploy, but every time it does it fails to install correctly. 

    I receive an error that Admin rights are needed for the install, so I enter my admin rights when prompted. I then get an error that the install could not run at this time and to try again later.

    If I uninstall the deployed agent then run the install with the same MSI that I used to create the Intune install it works fine.

    Dameware / SolarWinds has been no help in fixing this, which is why we are thinking about using a different service.