How to get WPM transaction alerts to show up in ServiceNow Event Management alerts

We are implementing Service Now's Event Management and can get all SolarWinds alerts to come in to Event managements event page.  The thing we need to do now is bring in WPM transaction alerts in to Event management.  Below is the query used to bring in alerts from Solarwinds into Event Management.  Just need to add a piece for WPM alerts.  Any help would be appreciated.

we would need to find the correlating variables within the Orion.SEUM that fit the curent query,  var query = "SELECT TOP " + MAX_EVENTS_TO_FETCH +             " EventID, EventTime, NetworkNode, NetObjectID, EventType, Message, Acknowledged, " +             "NetObjectType, Timestamp FROM Orion.Events " +             "WHERE NetworkNode > 0 AND NetObjectID > 0 ";
  • I can't help directly but can point you in a self-help direction 

    There are several ways in Orion to build queries that will give you the basic syntax you can translate to external apps.

    Assuming you have the 2020.2 release and the nice new dashboards, you could build a modern dashboard and use the table widget and its graphical query builder to get a table view. That will also give a you a list of the events that you would expect ServiceNow to see and also give you the SWQL to product the query.

     Just a thought.

  • Thanks for the idea.  We are still on 2019.4.  Might give me an incentive to upgrade.

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