12.7.10 Want to show URL text not video thumbnail

I opened a ticket with SW on this as well, but in 12.7.10 now we are seeing invalid images for YouTube links in our tickets. 

This is what we see now when a client enters a ticket that include a YouTube link:

And this is what we would like to see:

I could only get to that desired view by clicking on the 'padlock' icon as a tech user. In previous versions, the YouTube video would appear as a YouTube preview image that let us right-click on it and we could copy the YouTube link that way, which was fine too.

Clients don't know how to use 'bbcode' buttons to enter a link, they simply know how to copy/paste the link into their request; plus, a lot of tickets are updated via emails so there is no bb code button available there.

In previous versions, we could modify the bb_config.xml file(s) in the whd-web.jar file to adjust how videos were handled, but those xml files appear to be removed from the whd-web.jar file now.

Has anyone else noticed this issue?