MySQL (8.x) backups of the WHD (12.7.6) database consistently fail (mysqldump: Error 1412: Table definition has changed swip_product_info)


We recently upgraded from MySQL 5.7 to MySQL 8.x (as well as upgrading to WHD 12.7.6).

Since these upgrades, we're consistently encountering the following error when we attempt to backup the WHD database:

    mysqldump: Error 1412: Table definition has changed, please retry transaction when dumping table `swip_product_info` at row: 0

From what I can tell, running 'TRUNCATE TABLE swip_product_info' every 30 seconds is the source of this error.

Does anyone have any suggestions about how to address this?  Here are things I can think of, but they're less than ideal for us:

  • Move the WHD database to a different SQL engine (e.g. MySQL 5.7 -- I see it's the only officially WHD supported version of MySQL...)
  • Backup a replica SQL host, with replication stopped, to prevent the schema from "changing" (see


     - Daniel

  • For anyone else who is dealing with this same issue (upgraded to MySQL 8), I've found a workaround: disable the SolarWinds Improvement Program option in WHD.  It's at: Settings > General > Options: uncheck the "I would like to participate in the SolarWinds Improvement Program"