Creating Parent/Child Task process for New Employee Access

I read some older posts on this but wanted to see if any current information is available from those of you that might have similar processes.  What I want to do is have the hiring manager enter a HD ticket and enter basic info on the new hire, then have this create multiple child tickets to various techs and send email notifications to some clients that have to add that new hire to their system.  So I'm not sure how to do that using the Tasks.   So is the general process that once that initial ticket entered by the Hiring Manager and she fills in the info, then if say she puts in in a Completed status, I can check that value with an Action rule and fire off the New Hire task which then creates the first ticket in the task and then subsequent tickets in the task? Are those now child tickets to the original ticket?  Or the Parent always is the first ticket created in a task list and the remaining task tickets are the child tickets?