WHD - newest SQL version supported

Hi Guys,

I have plans to install NPM (with SQL, for this case supported new SQL 2019).

On the other hands, I will install a WHD but I'm planning to use for database a SQL, to save money, I want to use the same SQL that use NPM, but reading a little about SQL versions supported for WHD, it only support until 2017, Do someone know if 2019 is already supported?

Thanks you in advance.


  • Until now (October 2020), SQL 2019 is not supported for Web Help Desk, in my case, I had to install SQL 2017 and create database for NPM and other one for WHD in the same SQL 2017 and it works good.

    By the way, WHD can be installed with its database in the same server (for this case Postgresql is the option), actually SolarWinds recommneds that configuration.

    I hope for someone can be useful this description.