How to I build approvals for only one Company?

I have struggled enough and need to ask for help.  We have one customer so far that wants to approval all tickets before we address them.

Only problem I have is when we setup either a client or location approver process, it doesn't limit to just their Company, but rather EVERY ticket created then requires approval.

Please tell me what little thing I'm overlooking.

Mark D

  • Hi Mark,

    If your company's privacy policy allows it, I would recommend that you post screenshots of your current configuration settings.

    Related Configuration:

    1Setup > Companies & Locations
    2Setup > Tickets > Request Types
    3Setup > Processes > Change Advisory Boards
    4Setup > Processes > Approver Roles
    5Setup > Processes > Location Approvers
    6Setup > Processes > Department Approvers
    7Setup > Processes > Approval Processes

    That will ensure that you receive the most accurate answer from the Thwack community.


    Isaiah Carriere
    SolarWinds Consultant
    Adeptec - SolarWinds Authorized Partner