Power BI if using Postgresql

Does anyone know if Power BI can be used if we've deployed WHD with Postgresql?  I'm assuming no and that we'd have to redeploy WHD using SQL Server.

Is anyone using Power BI with WHD?  Is there anything you can share about the experience?  Thanks!


  • I wanted to come back and revisit this as I've made significant progress and it was actually fairly easy after a little help from Solar Winds Support and Power BI Support.  I am now able to Direct Query the embedded PostgreSQL WHD Database using Power BI Desktop then create and publish Visualized Reports to the Power Bi Service.  I've also successfully installed the Power BI Gateway, which facilitates the Publishing process and also allows for connection to the Database which enables daily automatic refreshing of the Data-set.  This means my Manager and our CIO can have the Power BI Service running on a mounted TV and will have access to Visualized Reports that are automatically updated every day!  The steps taken are listed below and may seem long but once nailed down, really took less than 2 hours.  The benefit of this process was avoiding switching to a new Help Desk or redeploying the Help Desk using MySQL or SQL Server.

    Edited 1 line on the WHD pg_hba.conf File

    Edited 1 line on the WHD postgresql.conf File

    Configured pgAdmin to connect to PostgreSQL Database

    Created Inbound Firewall Rule on WHD Server

    Created Outbound Firewall Rule on WHD Server

    Installed ODBC Driver on WHD Server

    Configured System DNS ODBC Data Source on WHD Server

    Created Service Account for Power BI use

    Installed Gateway on WHD Server

    Configured Gateway Data Source to match ODBC Data Source

    Installed Power BI Desktop on WHD Server

    Created Custom PostgreSQL Queries to Import Datasets into Power BI Desktop

    Created Visualized Reports from Imported Datasets in Power Bi Desktop

    Published Visualized Reports from Power Bi Desktop to Power BI Service

    Configured Refresh Settings for Power Bi Service Dashboard

  • That's good to hear that the issue with Power BI got resolved.

  • Hello,

    Yes, really good to hear regarding the issue with PowerBI got resolved. I want to suggest to you Microsoft PowerBI Tutorial which helped me to become a master in Power BI.



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