VMAN - Orphaned Disk

Hi All,

A custom widget to get orphaned disk.  Same as the built-in, but can be customized as needed.

SELECT substring(df.[Name], charindex('/',df.[Name])+1,99) as [FileName]
,case when size/1024/1024/1024>1 then concat(size/1024/1024/1024,' GB')
when size/1024/1024>1 then concat(size/1024/1024,' MB')
when size/1024>1 then concat(size/1024,' KB')
else concat(size,' B') end as [Size]
FROM VIM_DiskFiles df
join VIM_DataStores ds on ds.DataStoreID=df.DataStoreID
where df.type='diskfile' and Orphaned=1 and df.name like '%flat.vmdk'

Thank you,


Loop1 Systems