Capturing MAC Address From A UDT Device Page Macro

We are looking to build a similar module that UDT Tracker uses, more specifically the History Connections module from any Device Tracker Endpoint Details page. 

Is there a macro, or global variable that exists to capture the mac address of the current endpoint page? 

For example in comparison to a Node page 11055, the macro $NodeID captures the Node ID of the current page, in this case 11055, assuming the URL ends in the format: /Orion/NetPerfMon/NodeDetails.aspx?NetObject=N:11055

Using the mac address D8:67:D9:41:7B:5C and the URL ending in /Orion/UDT/EndpointDetails.aspx?NetObject=UE-MAC:VAL=D8:67:D9:41:7B:5C, is there a macro that will similarly capture the mac address from this page? I've tried things like ${MacAddress} and ${V:MacAddress} inside a SWQL select query with no luck.