Discovery Agent and macOS Monterey support?

I'm trying to certify MacOS Monterey for our environment, and while the Solarwinds Discovery Agent runs just fine on Monterey, it does not appear to install on Monterey.

Several machines that were upgraded from Big Sur to Monterey and had the Agent already installed were able to keep running the Agent.

When I tried to apply one of my usual configurations to install the Agent on a machine already running Monterey, the OS throws an error window:

Error message with words "can't be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software"T

This is on an M1 Mac, using my Jamf policy that drops the install assets into a temp directory then calls the script with --mode unattended. Worked great on the same machine with Big Sur, and survived the upgrade to Monterey.  Then after a fresh install of Monterey the policy did not work and threw the error.

Also failed with the same message when I simply downloaded the DMG fresh from the SWSD setup page.

The process for deploying this via something like Jamf (a modern MDM system) is extremely clunky and does not align with current practices in app deployment. What is the current supported process for centralized deployment on MacOS Monterey?