Solarwinds Discovery Agent versions / updates

When I first deployed our Agent it was v2.0.7_2.0.5_1027_439
I assume once installed, the clients auto-update themselves, and can see the vast majority of our fleet is now on:

However when I check the version of the installer available from:  SWSD > Setup > Discovery & Assets > Installation Discovery Agent, I find:

Can you please explain the version number difference/s, and if there's any point upgrading to v2.0.13_2.0.5_1039_447 ?

Cheers :)

  • Apologies for the slow response. 
    The first three numbers in the version string, represent the infrastructure library levels. The rest, represent the agent, platform, etc.

    Automatic updates currently apply to agent code (vs. infrastructure libraries). Therefore, your deployed agents are indeed pulling the latest available updates. 

    We are currently evaluating the ability to auto update our infra libraries as well. If we decide to perform this change, you would be able to see that via the What We're Working On section in Thwack. 

  • That's ok, thanks for the info.
    So just to clarify, is there any advantage to the upgraded 'infrastructure libraries' for my clients?
    If so, at the every least I might update the installer I deploy to new clients initially via Group Policy.

  • Yes. Usually when we replace the libraries, it's because there is some new advantage. For example: performance improvements.

  • Thanks again. Sounds like the auto-update of infra libraries would indeed be beneficial then.

    So until the client gets this ability itself, are we ok to just install the latest (v2.0.13) client over existing (v2.0.7) ones (via --mode unattended) without expecting any downside/issues?