POST/GET Alert Action with "Node Status Root Cause" does not work with Microsoft Teams

Has anyone come across the issue of sending an alert to teams via POST/GET that includes the Node Status Root Cause causes the alert trigger to fail? I have tried adding it normally into the AdaptiveCard and I have also tried:

"${SQL: SELECT REPLACE ('''${N=SwisEntity;M=NodeStatusRootCauseWithLinks}''','\\',' ')}"

This should remove the backslashes that cause failure but it still fails to send. I want to know if anyone else has has success with this variable and sending to Teams?

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  • I sorted this in the end, It was a syntax error as well as the SELECT clause causing problems with teams. I wish SolarWinds would provide a variable without the header "Child Entities with problems", its the only variable to do this and makes is much harder to design around.