Need help creating baseline for Orion DB. Could use help and guidance.


Need a little help. How can I design a report that will basically outline a baseline performance for our Orion DB? Any SQL guru's out there can help me on this one? I need this to have a better idea where our performance weak points are. Any help and guidance to build this report would be great. Or if you have one you use and wouldn't mind sharing please send it my way.

Better yet if this can be accomplished through a SolarWinds report even better. I'm new to the company I work for and have currently only limited access to sql myself. So I can't run anything that would require any kind of elevation on sql otherwise it won't let me run it.

Seoncdly, Speaking again to SQL guru's out there. What are key parameters or config's within SQL I should focus on that provides the best performance benefit for SolarWinds? For example we recently set parallelism which was set to zero. Set up a couple other parameters which where all defaults. Can anyone with a  rock solid fast DB share some insights how you managed to get your sql to perform right?

We have a big SQL project on going to improve SolarWinds DB. But it's requiring proof in order to get the approvals we need to put through the changes we need to put through. And stats that management currently has does not warrant a change being needed. So we need to provide correct information that will show otherwise.

Could really use any SQL help I can get. The more through and detailed help the better. Thanks in advance.

A little about our setup. We are small relatively speaking. around 8000 nodes and one poller. We do have an HA pool 8 licensed modules an additional web server and a pool for the additional pollers currently sitting idle.

SQL has 8 vCPU's. Due to SQL core license SQL team will not go above this as they don't have the license and tell me it'll cost over 100k to get additional cores to the license which is an automatic rejection currently.

60 Gig's of ram.

One LUN and all disks on this same lun. (We do have an approved change in a few weeks to fix this up).

Any other information you need just let me know.

  • In the absence of any admin privileges may be challenging to gather any meaningful metrics. As a start, I would recommend looking through the following guide which should help facilitate the process with your DBAs/sysadmins 

  • Hey Tony,

    Thank you! I have my admin privilege's to nearly all my systems including SolarWinds. I just don't have that admin access to the database. That's why I was asking about getting reports through SolarWinds itself if it where an option. We have DPA. And we have SAM as well both collecting DB information.

    It's one of those situations of Trying to work with what I have currently. If I can't get everything that's fine. I just wanted a starting point. And was checking around to see if maybe any admins out there might of created something custom they run that they may possibly be willing to share.

    Thanks for the reply.

  • hmmm.. Feels like I'm deep in the weeds and about to get tangled up. Or chasing a rabbit down a long dark rabbit hole that has no end in sight. This is why I was turning for help from the community.

     , Would you by any chance have any scripts, examples, any tips or tricks, or any guidance and starting points on key items that are essential settings within SQL server that have great performance impact to the environment? I'm looking towards optimizing my SQL basically. I was able to get a change Window and slowly we've been applying best practices and evaluating as we go. We've seen improvements but nothing at all drastic. I have a feeling it's because our SQL might be running on default settings and not fully configured to work together well with SolarWinds.

    I'll give an example. We upped the vCPU count (This is a vm machine), We gave it another 20 gigs of ram and increased memory allocation. We are working to improve disk performance. And we changed a few parameters such as parallelism, etc.

    All the efforts have helped decently. But we still experience a great deal of deadlocks, sql wait times, etc. My goal has been to try and baseline it's performance to see where we stand and look at all possible weak points and start attacking them since we've been given the green light to make changes.

    I want to get our SQL as close to instant response as possible. Essentially creating a beast so to speak. With success I can move on to optimizing the SolarWinds servers themselves and fixing a long spreadsheet of problems we currently are facing.

    If there are ways to design SolarWinds reports to give me all possible data points on the sql I'd like to know how I could put such a report together. How can I baseline performance and use it to test as a comparison as we move forward?

    I don't believe this is a matter of hardware and resources at least current data doesn't point to that. I believe it's a settings problem. Where SQL is restricted by it's own settings. All these things will help me build a more complete picture I can work with.

    thanks in advance for the help.