Palo Alto alerting via Solarwinds for BGP/Dynamic routing


   I need to be able to do some Dynamic routing alerting via solarwinds for Palo Alto firewalls in particular bgp peers if the it drops or flaps.  Is there a method of doing this via Solarwinds?

  • mliveri​ 0 I have several Palo Altos and do some custom thing with them. I don't have BGP peers but I am interested in helping you solve this. What version of PAN OS are you running? KMSigma​ let me know about your question.

  • Specifically for the BGP peer status you might consider a HTTP/HTTPS monitor in Solarwinds and use the Palo Alto API. Then if it does not return the peer-status you expect in the XML response trigger an alert in SolarWinds.

    Start on this page: Get Started with the PAN-OS XML API


    You can construct a query that looks like this:[virtual router name]%3C%2Fvirtual-router%3E%3C%2Fpeer%3E%3C%2Fbgp%3E%3C%2Fprotocol%3E%3C%2Frouting%3E%3C%2Fshow%3E&key=[account api key]

    The response I get on my system is this because I have no peers:


    The routing table can be retrieved similarly although I do not know of a good way to parse the XML and use it in SolarWInds. I am still looking into that. Mostly I have used this in other prorams I write to output the XML into a spreadsheet for others to use.

    Here is the routing table API query:[virutal router name]%3C%2Fvirtual-router%3E%3C%2Froute%3E%3C%2Frouting%3E%3C%2Fshow%3Ekey=[account api key]

    The partial result looks like this:


  • Hi

      We are running PAN OS Version 8.0.4 and i will set up the api info that you have provided and test this procedure out. thanks so far.

  • All mine are running 7.1.11 at the moment. We have not made the jump to 8.x. SO there may be differences in the API constructs. I did not look.

  • Ah ok, we have a few left on 7.1.10 but they are in the process of being upgraded. I will let you know what my outcome is


    Hi , Thanks for your post but still this is not resolving our issue to get monitor on BGP status and Power supply status of Palo alto devices by using API call from solarwinds. As we do not have SAM module we have only network monitoring modules in solarwinds.

    How can we monitor by using API 

    Power supply and BGP peer state Monitoring on Palo Alto devices