What to do when MSMQ won't start

Sometimes MSMQ hates you.  Like when you reboot your dev instance of NPM and the MSMQ fails.  A quick call to SW support was met with a 'It's a Microsoft service and we don't support it'.  What the heck?!  Doesn't NPM and SAM (and maybe other modules) enabled MSMQ during the install process.

So I went digging for a solution myself and here is what I found.

Event ID 2078 — Message Queuing Logging and Checkpoint Events

You'll find that event ID kicking around the application event logs on your server.  It will say something like:

The Message Queuing service cannot start. The checkpoint files cannot be recovered. To start the Message Queuing service without losing consistency, you must correct or recover corrupted checkpoint and log files. To start the service for emergency use (with a potential loss of data consistency), delete the files QMLog, MQTrans.lg1, MQTrans.lg2, MQInSeqs.lg1, and MQInSeqs.lg2 from the Msmq\Storage folder and add the DWORD registry key HKLM\Software\Microsoft\MSMQ\Parameters\LogDataCreated with a value of 0. Error 0xc00e03f1:

Follow the steps in the link above and, tada, MSMQ services will start right up.  You can then start all of the other, dependent, Solarwinds services.

Take that Windows Server!

  • This post, and its link to the success center was super helpful for me.

    My HA pool was showing partially operational, with a critical status on 1 of the 2 pool members.  There was no logs or event messages to indicate why the status was critical.  After running active diagnostics and seeing several messaging related possible errors, I tried simply restarting the Rabbit MQ service.  It would start, then terminate unexpectedly (evident in the server's application system log).  I then followed the Success Center link for Event ID 2078 to blow Rabbit MQ away and re-install.  Voila! pool members and HA pool now show all green and life is back to normal...  Thanks!

  • Awesome! There is nothing worse than searching for an answer and finding out you are the only one who has experienced an issue.  (Which probably isn't true, but it sure feels like that sometimes!)

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