SNMP Polling Meraki Devices (NPM +12.0/11.0.1) - How To

Edit (8/14/18):

Updated device list.  Thank you for input and tests on other models!

Edit (10/4/17):

Poll the nodes directly via Solarwinds.  You must define the SNMP details on the Meraki dashboard (see how-to steps below).

Meraki Document for the curious: Monitoring the Wireless Network - Cisco Meraki


Thousands of Meraki devices needed to be added to Solarwinds for my situation, and so the hunt began.  First stop was Meraki for some help, which led me to this document:…  (Deprecated.)The document's instructions weren't for the implementation that I was looking for, and that document was all I could find in online.  What I needed was to poll the devices directly instead of through the dashboard.  When I followed Meraki's document for alerting, it wasn't what I was looking for.  Passing relevant information to the alerts wasn't available, based on Meraki's instructions.  Eventually, I accidentally stumbled upon the answer, and now looking back it seems so simple emoticons_silly.png.

How-To Steps:

  • On the SolarWinds Network Discovery page, create a new discovery
  • Use the SNMP string that was input on each Meraki network under Network-wide>General or Configure>Alerts & administration (located on Meraki's dashboard) and click ‘next’
    • SNMP settings include the version (V1/V2c), and a SNMP string.  They are located under 'Reporting'
    • Meraki SNMP.png
  • Uncheck ‘poll for VMware’ and click next
  • Uncheck ‘add to NCM’ and click next
  • Click ‘next’ on the windows credentials page
  • Paste in your Meraki IPs and click on ‘next’
  • Set the Discovery name and click on ‘next’
  • Set your discovery schedule and click on ‘discover’
  • Select the Meraki device interfaces you’d like to import and click ‘next’
    • Selecting the advanced options section can help for picking out specific interfaces.
  • Click ‘next’ on the volume type page.
  • Click ‘import’ on the import preview page.
    • Wait for the import to finish before clicking on ‘finish’


Here's a Meraki MX80 that's been added.

MX80 SW Node.png

Here's an MR16 that's been added:

MR16 SW Node.png

After the nodes have been added, I setup alerts and they'll be able to pull helpful information (Hostname, IP, Custom Properties, etc.) when an event happens. emoticons_happy.png

Misc. Info:

Version info: NPM 11.0.1

Devices I've tested unless otherwise noted:



MX65 shannon.raymond

MX100 michael.kent


Wireless Access Points



MR24 michael.kent

MR32 kwameb87




MS42P michael.kent


MS220 kwameb87

MS250 mlinsemier_tdc

MS320 kwameb87

MS350 kwameb87

MS350-24x mlinsemier_tdc

MS420 kwameb87

MS425 mlinsemier_tdc


Z3 mlinsemier_tdc

Z3C mlinsemier_tdc

Current issues:

From the screenshots you can see that the Last Boot date isn't correct, however that isn't a pressing issue for me.

I hope this will help some of you, and feel free to ask questions. emoticons_happy.png

I'll be adding updates as more info comes in, so feel free to post what you have run into.

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  • Great post.  I'm sure this will help out the Meraki guys.  Thanks!

  • Thanks for the info..Hopefully SolarWinds will get the rest of the information the Merakis provide soon... You can only get very basic information for the APs. It doesn't show the connected clients which according to Meraki support they have provided but Solarwinds is not grabbing for some reason.

  • I've also tested this and works. Thanks very much.

    Misc. Info:

    Version info: NPM 11.5

    Devices I've tested:




    Wireless Access Points





  • What information are you getting from te MR16 and MR24s?

  • SSIDs, response times, interface speeds. All we really need.

    The client info etc is all the in the meraki dashboard. As we look after the core, the clients connected doesn't really matter to us.

  • Ah okay.. thanks for the update.  For us we want to track it all in one place.

    Yes I can go to a separate website, login to meraki and get my info there but honestly that wasn't one of the reasons we purchased solarwinds.

    We wanted a 'single' area to view our network. (Something Solarwinds sales claims time and time again.  Single pain of glass bs marketing crap that sales people normally spew forth like politicians promises.)   emoticons_happy.png

    Seriously though, I would rather have a central place I can view all of my network info and not have to login to my storage vendors cloud site, my wireless ap vendors cloud site, my email vendors cloud site, etc, etc..  

  • You may be able to pull some extra info with OIDs and MIBs.  If you have a development team, maybe they can hack something together.

    We also like the single pane of glass idea, and solarwinds does an amazing job compared to other products.  As a managed services company, we [have to] get used to all the different systems (documented processes will save you).  For solarwinds we mostly needed up/down tracking with IPs and hostnames for alerts.  Other than that, we don't care too much.  We'll check the dashboard if we really need other info (that's extremely rare though).  Sometimes, we have to reboot a meraki device in the meraki dashboard for them to show as 'up' in solarwinds.  This is due to Meraki's firmware upgrades. Until then, we'll have to wait for a network I.V. or 'Matrix connection' emoticons_happy.png

  • Okay, so as promised I am providing an update on the Meraki wireless access points.

    After going round a few times I was finally able to work with someone at Solarwinds who was able to actually help me go through and pull out specifically what the meraki's are providing information wise through snmp.  We could find not client information at all listed coming from either the wireless aps or the cloud controller. No counts, names or transmitted data from clients or anything client related. Everything was at the AP level and higher.

    So with this new proof I called Meraki support and gave the tech a copy of the walks and after some time he came back on the line and said yes that is correct. We do not provide (and can't provide) anything more than basically up/down status info.    For more info you 'HAVE' to use their cloud site. (Lame I know)

    So Meraki, you have lost a customer.  We will be dumping our meraki aps and going to someone that actually lets you monitor your purchased and paid for devices "WHERE YOU WANT!!!"

  • Anyone been able to get this working on Meraki MS320 switches?

    I have a few 24 port MS320's and they just show up as unknown devices.

    It's kinda like the SNMP info doesn't get pushed to switch like it does for the APs. But IDK for sure.

    Anyways, has anyone else had got them working?

    (My Meraki APs work fine, my issue is just trying to get the Meraki switches to play nice.)