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    Hi all,


    In my line of work, I'm often asked the following question by my clients:


    "Jez, what's the deal with licensing and NPM? What license do I need for my environment?"


    For those new to SolarWinds NPM, this can be a bit of a thorny question, especially when thinking ahead during planning for a new deployment. To help you guys, who will no doubt have the same question asked of you during your time using NPM, I thought it may be useful to post this basic refresher on how NPM is licensed.


    Here, we'll be using a customer which has a SL2000 license. This license provides you with 2000 NPM elements. What is an element in NPM? Well, let me explain:


    In Network Performance Monitor, an element can be one of:


    • A device
    • An interface
    • A volume (a logical drive on a device, such as your C: drive)


    The SL2000 license is this example, means our client can monitor a maximum of 2000 devices, 2000 interfaces and 2000 volumes. If they want to monitor more than 2000 of any of these three element types, they’ll need to upgrade their license to the SLX, or unlimited, license, which is the next tier up. The SLX gives them the ability to monitor an unlimited number of these elements (up to the polling engine maximum, and/or limit of their hardware).


    Practical example: If they had 1000 devices, but wanted to monitor two interfaces on each one, then they’ll need the SL2000 license, and hence will be fine with what they already have. However, If they have the same number of devices, but want to monitor 4 ports on each, then they’ll need the unlimited license, as they’ll be trying to monitor 4k interfaces, which is above the limit of the SL2000 license.


    Hope that clears things up, should you ever have to answer the NPM licensing question in your workplace!