Feature Request: Multiple IPs per Node

Hi, right now I have several nodes double and triple for monitoring purposes.


One would be the standard Management VLAN IP, another for OSPF and another for a backup tunnel (which is constantly up)

now the management IP is reachable as long as one of these still work but I want to be notified if either of them goes down as well.

I dont need to get performance reports about each single IP but still get notifications if the IP on the node is unreachable!


So it would be a nice enhancement to simply add more "secondary" IPs to nodes without having to create another object (Its not about the licenses but about the manageability).

  • Hi Questionario--

    I've marked this for the product manager to see and possibly add to the enhancement list.


  • On the 10.3 roadmap I did see this feature. But I didn't find this on the beta. Any update on this? Do we still need to wait for the next version (10.4) ?

  • Hello All,

    I am Ramazan from ODYA Technology/Probil (Solarwinds Platinum Partner) also I have SCP.

    This feature request is what exactly I am looking for. This is a big problem for our customers. Orion discovery and find any devices on network but It discovers network ip address and dublicate nodes.

    My firts request is about network address, the network ip address must be excluded at discovery jobs. Orion find nodes with ip address as,, etc.

    the second one is about duplicate nodes, Orion 's architecture do not support multiple ip, but maybe Orion can poll ip address information from nodes's interfaces and store this inf for this nodes. at the second discovery, orion can compare these new ip addresses with older stored ip address information which is already collected by orion from intefaces. Maybe I missed many problem but maybe this works. Actually, at these days I try to find a workaround solution about this problem.

    so I try to explain that multiple ip address is realy critical for me(I believe that also for other SW customers) because everyday I visit new customers, We install a demo orion then they see that orion do not have a multiple ip address feature. I want to write that because all products have really really cool features and functions. I hope Product Managers can hear me and solve this problem ASAP.

  • Hi,

    we know this is a "wanted" feature so it's definitively on our list.