Group AD accounts no allowing login

I have been searching Thwack for a few weeks but it does not seem as anyone has had this same issue. Some are very similar but not the same. I am trying to use group AD accounts in our environment. Only one other user and I are able to use our group account. (I removed the entry in the database for the other user that was made from the group account and now he can no longer log in.) If I were to remove group accounts and add user accounts everyone can login fine with no users and no settings being changed. When I remove user accounts and add group accounts only me and one other user can login. Everyone else receives authentication error where Chrome/Firefox gives a popup saying authentication is required and ask for username and password. IE keeps asking for smart card credentials repeatedly without stopping. I have followed all know troubleshooting in thwack and issues do not change. In the database manager is shows all users attempting but they get the action type 2. This makes since as everyone it taken to the (https://"orion-corpsite"/Orion/Login.aspx?autologin=no) page, which is the logout page they do not go to the login homepage.