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    Solarwinds always authentic login


      Hello all,



      any document how to solve this issue, everytime I click on menu, there is always appear prompt for auth






      thank you,



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          I have seen this myself, on my own Orion. system.

          At first I thought it was Chrome playing up, but noticed that IE was also exhibiting the same behaviour on logins.

          Except that in Chrome, you can cancel out and F5 refresh, until the Orion login appears again.

          But it doesn't seem to affect all users (i.e. no one else has complained about it).


          I am upgrading tomorrow, to Orion 2017.3, fingers crossed it will sort the issue, failing that I will raise a support call for it.

          I will let you know, how I get on.

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            Does this have anything to do with having your browser remember your credentials?  Or with a corporate Active Directory Group Policy that forbids caching credentials?

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              sean.martinez may have some good troubleshooting tips on this.  He is the authentication SME. 




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                Looks like you may have Windows Integrated Authentication enabled on your IIS site, or you've modified the permissions to the SolarWinds website on the file system. I recommend going into IIS, delete the website and the AppPool. Next, delete the website entirely from the file system 'C:\inetpub\solarwinds' is the default path. Next, re-run the Configuration WIzard. That should restore the website to its default state.

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                  Is it the same as this?


                  No matter my choice of browsers (although I tend to favour Firefox), when I first type the address of our Orion interface in the address bar


                  I get this pop up

                  I close it (Red X), then am presented with this.. which logs me in...

                  Not sure how long ago that started for me, I don't have browser enabled "remember my credentials" turned on, I do however use a password safe program that has been added to the browsers...


                  It's curious but not a biggy... in a way its like another level of protection against anyone who tries to login that should not be... as no matter the login put in the first Authentication screen it never is successful...