Solarwinds Platform 2022.3 RC2 integration with Meraki SD-WAN

Hello THWACK members!

I recently installed the Solarwinds Platform 2022.3 RC2 to test out the API integration with Meraki (MX especially).

Following the steps from Monitor SD-WAN for Meraki organizations with Hybrid Cloud Observability takes me to the Network Sonar discovery wizard filled in with names/IPs of the Meraki devices, but the IPs there are from WAN interfaces of Meraki MX, which often are not reachable (due to NAT, but also because we don't allow SNMP on WAN interface). Additionally the validation fails because the names of Meraki are not resolvable via DNS.

Can someone advise how this Meraki monitoring is supposed to work? Why do we need SNMP discovery (according to the guide mentioned above) if this was supposed to be API?

Thanks for your inputs!

/edit 20220908/

As this looks to be missing feature I created a Feature Request here:

Please vote up and add comments on other features for Meraki API integration you consider missing but useful.


  • Hello,

    You can fill yourself a network discovery task with good IPs (yes you need to enable snmp on these devices)

  • Thanks for the reply!

    To test it I did add some devices via LAN IP, it does integrate then with Meraki API polling, but only to some extent. For example, the information about Warm Spare (and everything related to it) is not available, because Warm Spare has no active LAN IP, so it cannot be added to nodes.

    Can anyone advise if there is any plan to have this Meraki integration more via API than via SNMP? With the way it is currently, it's not as useful as it could be.

  • It seems this Meraki API needs more development to be useful, because presently it is very limited in scope. We were hoping the integration with SW HCO would be able to replace the Meraki console, but this is not the case.