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Enhanced Meraki SD-WAN integration via API (compared to 2022.3 RC2)

In 2022.3 RC2 the Meraki SD-WAN integration still requires discovering of the MX devices via SNMP. API integration is used to get other interesting data from the SD-WAN Orchestrator (like VPN tunnels), but for MX devices it is limited to getting additional details of only the devices that are already discovered via SNMP, which is not enough.

This doesn't work if SNMP is blocked / not possible (device behind NAT) on outside interface of MX, and LAN interface is active only on active device (not spare). Additionally, SNMP on Meraki MXs is very limited, too.

Request is to:

  • Be able to discover the MXs via API as the primary discovery method (and create them as nodes?)
  • Be able to enable SNMP where needed and combine API and SNMP polling to get the most details possible (e.g. interface traffic / errors / discards, LLDP data, etc)
  • Be able to monitor status of spare MXs and their uplinks via API only (as SNMP via LAN is not possible)
  • Get other data that can be obtained only via API (not available in SNMP) - please add your ideas in comments