It has been almost three year since the original thread (IS TOOLSET STILL BEING ACTIVELY DEVELOPED?) was posted.  There was a short reply with a link to a retroactive post (WHAT WE'RE WORKING ON FOR TOOLSET (UPDATED ON OCTOBER 20, 2016) ) and then silence.  Nada.  Nothing.  Zip. Zilch.

Is this how we, your loyal customers, can expect to be treated all the time?  It is getting harder and harder to recommend we keep using products from Solarwinds when so many times we don't know if today's product will be tomorrow's cast-off.  (sic. Alert Central)  I'm not talking about tons of new features and adding value to a product I already own;  I'm talking about keeping up with your own standards (GUI and interfaces) as well as staying on current, modern, supported operating systems.  

Just keeping your user-base informed would be refreshing.  Will ETS be getting support for 2016 and 2019?  If you're dropping support for server-based installs, then TELL US!  My next fight for renewing support on Solarwinds products will not be a fight.  My plan is to either get answers of get new, supported products.  If you push me away to other vendors, that's on you.

  • We appreciate your loyalty and interest in Engineer's Toolset. ETS is a mature and feature-rich network product and we constantly work on updates and improvements. You can find the latest set of updates in the 2020.2 release notes here. These changes include updates to SFTP/SCP server and changes for SSH2 default usage. We do support Windows Server 2016 and we prioritize UI improvements as best we can given ETS includes over 60 distinct tools.