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Thank you all for your feedback on Engineer's Toolset! We love hearing how our tools help save time, increase productivity, and we're always looking for better ways to beat the clock. If you have any ideas for tools you'd like to see in upcoming releases of Toolset, please submit them here.

Meanwhile, here is what we have in the works:

  • Silent-mode Installer Support - The ability to run silent (or quiet) installs will be available for both web and desktop versions

  • NetPath Tool - If you liked what you saw in the recent NPM 12 release, you will be pleased to see a command-line version of the NetPath feature

  • Improved Usability



Engineer's Toolkit v.11 was released in 2014. No major version has been released since and only minor releases have occurred every other year.

We are on a tight budget and it is difficult to pay for maintenance when this appears to be a dead project. Hopefully, the "improved usability" will be very improved. The deployment thus far is not difficult and a silent install is not the end of the world but improved usability would be great.

Please improve the tool integration with NPM. The roughly 8-10 tools available are nice but having more of the tools in a contextual environment would be great.

Thank you!

So three years since the what we're working on was updated and still nothing, my mistake 1 update to allow installation onto Windows 2016 earlier this year. The GUI is looking incredibly tired, some of the tools themselves are out of date.

What are Solarwinds playing at.

Does this thread EVER get any love?


Two months and nothing...  


BUMP!!  (@ding)

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