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Orion® Platform 2020.2 - Modern Dashboards

Dashboards, Dashboards, Get Your Dashboards!

The Orion ® Platform Team is proud to announce a new modern dashboarding framework. This, data-driven and highly performant dashboard framework provides Orion users with a greater level of flexibility over how their dashboard data is displayed.

A grid-based layout, new widgets types, drag and drop placement with full vertical and horizontal widget scaling all provide users with increased control over the layout of the dashboard.

There is also one more really awesome feature of the new dashboarding framework which I love, but, you will have to read on to find out more about it!


For the full list of Orion new features and improvements visit: 

Example Modern Dashboard

2020-03-25 14_58_07-ITOM - Systems Status Dashboard.png

New widgets types, visually compelling, status and threshold driven indications.

    Summary Views, Classic and Modern Dashboards, what’s the difference?

    Orion modules provide many great examples of dashboards such as the Network Summary, Application Summary, and Top 10 dashboards. These are based on classic Orion views which contain resources whereby a Summary View is suited to displaying high-level information across all monitored entities such as All Nodes, All Volumes All Applications, etc.

    In the realm of Summary Views and Classic Dashboards, the two terms are interchangeable. Additional view types are available for displaying information related to a specific entity such a Node Details, Application Details etc. Modern Dashboards are not intended to replace these existing Summary Views, but rather offer you an alternative method for presenting the data in your dashboard.

    This is the 1st iteration of the new dashboard framework which will evolve with each subsequent release. Your feedback is central to this evolution and so I would encourage you to send any feedback you may have, positive or negative so that we can continue to deliver features that you want. 

    Let's Get Started - Manage Dashboards

    The Orion Veterans amongst you will likely have already seen the additional menu item 'Manage Dashboards' under 'All Settings'

    Manage Dashboards MM.png

    Manage Dashboards is your one-stop-shop for managing classic views and modern dashboards, it replaces the 'Manage Views' link in All Settings. It allows you to filter all dashboards based on Owner, Version & Visibility.

    Manage Dashboards.png

      Dashboard Security

    The dashboard security model differs from the classic view security model.

    • Dashboards can be created by ALL Orion Users,  Manage Views Permission is not required
    • Admins can see and edit ALL dashboards
    • Non-admins can see and edit dashboards they own
    • Dashboards visibility can be Public Or Private

    Go ahead, click create ‘Modern Dashboard’.

    Give the dashboard a name and 'Immediately open this dashboard for editing'

    Create New Dashboard.png

    Drag And Drop a new widget to the dashboard and click Finish Configuring 

    Drag and Drop.gif

    The Widget Cloner Panel presents you with the 4 widget types available. As you create new dashboards and widgets, these will be readily available for you to clone as you edit the dashboard.

    Clicking Create Widget will save an empty widget to the dashboard. Select the Table Widget and Click Customize to configure the widget. 

    Select type and configure.png


    All widgets have 2 common configuration elements, Presentation and Data Model.

    Inital State.png

    Widget Configuration Table Widget

    The table widget is designed to display tabular data. Let's take a look at what is required to build the following table which shows:

    • The Node Status
    • Current CPU Utilisation with warning and critical threshold indications.
    • Current Memory Utilisation with warning and critical threshold indications.
    • Number of monitored Volumes  on the Node
    • Number of monitored Interfaces on the Node

    Demo Table.png


    Widget Presentation


    Notice the Optional Widget Link URL? Here you can provide a link to another Orion URL or other external URL. The widget will display the 'Explore Data' button on the top right-hand side.



    The Data Model

    All dashboard widgets are data-driven. Based on SWQL users can define their own Custom Query or use the in-built Graphical Query Builder. The data model can be presented in a number of different formats, and the output of the query will need to match the type of widget you are creating. For those who may not be familiar or comfortable writing SWQL we have provided a graphical query builder that is covered in more detail below.

    Data Model.png

    If Choosing to hand-edit a SWQL query, the editor allows you to explore all entities and import a SWQL statement which selects all columns.

    Pro Tip! The 1st rule of SWQL: there is no SELECT *

    Hand edit.gif

    For this task, we are going to use the Visual Query Builder to define the Data Model configuration. The visual query builder can be used to quickly build a data model across multiple entities without having any knowledge of the entity relationships, put simply it creates the query and required joins for you!

    • Use the graphical query builder to edit the data model for a table widget.
    • Choose the Node for the row type.

    TB Select Entity Type.png


    • Select the check box "Show advanced and specialized entities" 
    • Drag Caption, Status, DetailsUrl, CPULoad, PerecentMemoryUsed, Volumes.Caption, Interfaces.Caption
    • The Orion Nodes entity has a 1 1:Many relationship with both Interfaces and volumes, the query builder allows you to aggregate the rows to provide Count, Min, Max, Average aggregations.
    • Save the Data Model

    query builder.gif

    We must now choose which columns will be displayed in the table, click add new column

    add new column.png


    Each Column has 2 configuration elements.

    • Description
    • Property & Formatting

    Define the description for the field such as 'Node' and expand the Property and formatting panel. Here you can choose from a section of preconfigured formatters. For the node column, we will use Orion Entity. This presents additional field mappings. 

    NOde Column.png

    Status, DetailsUrl and Label all match back to columns selected in the query builder. The Entity type is the icon of your choosing from the supplied list.


    The CPU and Memory Columns use a 'Threshold Value' for the format. There are many threshold formats available based on Orion thresholds for the metric such as response time, packet loss, IOPS, Interface Utilisation & many more. The Interface and Volume Count Fields both use a Simple Number Formatter.


    CPU Value Configuration Memory Value Configuration
    CPU Column.png Memory.png



    Volume Count Value Configuration Interface Count Value Configuration




      KPI Widget – The Big Number

    KPI Completed.png

    KPI widgets display a big number representing a certain metric. You can add multiple KPI cells to an individual KPI widget, select a default background color, and can have a warning and critical threshold applied to the observed values.

    KPI Threshold Applied.png

    The data model for a KPI should return a single number. Here are some example queries to get you started.

    Description Query
    Total nodes that are in a down state. SELECT COUNT(1) AS KPI_Numbe from Orion.Nodes WHERE Status=2 
    Total Number of Active Alerts SELECT
    COUNT(o.AlertConfigurations.Name) AS [KPI_Number]
    FROM Orion.AlertObjects o
    WHERE o.AlertActive.TriggeredMessage <> ''
    CPU Load of a node with caption PRODMGMT-16 SELECT n.CPULoad
    FROM Orion.Nodes n
    n.Caption = 'PRODMGMT-16'


    Proportional Chart

    The proportional chart allows you to chose from 4 subtypes

    • Pie Chart
    • Donut Chart
    • Horizontal Bar
    • Vertical Bar

    All Types .png

    Data models for proportional charts require two fields, one of which must be numerical, the other is used as a grouping. e.g how many nodes do I have, grouped by their status?

    In this example, the ‘how many nodes’  is the number we need and the status will be used to group the data.

    Description Query
    Count Nodes by Status SELECT COUNT(1) AS Count_Items, Status FROM Orion.Nodes GROUP BY Status
    Count Applications By Status SELECT COUNT(1) as Count_Items,
    FROM Orion.APM.Application
    GROUP BY Status
    Count Interfaces By Status SELECT COUNT(1) as Count_Items,
    FROM Orion.NPM.Interfaces
    GROUP BY Status


    Select the matching Value and Category Fields to display the data.

    Mapped values.png

    Notice the Data Format? The proportional chart can map the status values returned by the query to meaningful text and will show these in the legend.

    Pro Tip! Want to provide your own custom color mapping? Define the colors in your query and choose Custom from the data format

    Advanced Formatter.png Custom Color.png

    SELECT Count(o.AlertActive.TriggeredMessage) AS Item_Count ,CASE WHEN o.AlertConfigurations.Severity = 1 then '#03fc7f' WHEN o.AlertConfigurations.Severity = 2 then '#a903fc' WHEN o.AlertConfigurations.Severity = 3 then '#ebfc03' WHEN o.AlertConfigurations.Severity = 4 then '#bafc03' WHEN o.AlertConfigurations.Severity = 5 then '#fc2403' END AS [Color], CASE WHEN o.AlertConfigurations.Severity = 1 then 'Critical' WHEN o.AlertConfigurations.Severity = 2 then 'Serious' WHEN o.AlertConfigurations.Severity = 3 then 'Warning' WHEN o.AlertConfigurations.Severity = 4 then 'Informational' WHEN o.AlertConfigurations.Severity = 5 then 'Notice' END AS [Severity] FROM Orion.AlertObjects o WHERE o.AlertActive.TriggeredMessage <> '' GROUP By o.AlertConfigurations.Severity

    Time Series Widget

    This one is gimme, no reinventing the wheel here. The Time Series widget allows you to display a Perfstack project. One caveat, however, it supports line charts only at this time.

    To learn more about the powerful performance analysis and metric correlation capabilities available in  perfstack, I highly encourage you to read through the documentation here

    The time series widget has an additional configuration within the presentation panel allowing you to define the time span to display

    PS Time Span.png

    Editing the data model for a Timeseries widget presents a dialog to choose an existing Perfstack Project

    Select Project.png




    2020-03-25 16_05_51-Thwack Dashboard.png

    Pièce de résistance..  

    Auto update without page refresh.

    If you have gotten this far reading through everything and are eagerly waiting to find the awesome feature I mentioned, I salute you.  If you blindly scrolled down to get here, well I salute you too but you have missed out on some great info!

    Notice when placing an application into an unmanaged state how the proportional widget updates a few seconds later? Dashboard widgets can refresh their data model without having to reload the entire page. In classic Orion views, this change in status may take up to 5 minutes to become apparent.




    Happy Dashboarding! 

    Please let us know what you think, where we have done well, where can we do better.



    Labels (5)

    Great stuff, thanks for your hard work!

    This is amazing!! 


    Please excuse me while I wipe the tears from my eyes... I never thought I'd see the day, yet here it is, right in front of me.

    Is this real? Are we really doing this, finally? If not, then I'll go with the blue pill, please.



    Wow! Holy New Hotness, Batman! 

    This looks incredible. I can't wait to try these out in my lab. Thanks SolarWinds, this is the awesome news we needed in these dark times 🙂






    Uhhhhhmm. Wow. Just fantastic!

    Thank you!!

    This is beautiful -- thank you!!!

    This looks great! So much information to digest, especially with all the other modules coming out with RCs at the same time now. 😎

    I wasn't expecting this much to dive into on Dashboards, great update!

    This is great!

    Although immediately I am panicking, thinking about some of our users creating dashboards that absolutely cripple our database...

    You beautiful people! Thanks for all the hard work! I want to slap it into production but I feel I should wait for an update? If anyone puts it into production please put out your experiences. I am a bit wary of RCs due to past experiences but very excited about this one!

    A few questions if I can!

    1. Does this mean existing Summary views will be able to be edited in this new Manage Dashboards menu and will they will be admin restricted initially.

    2. Is there going to be an option in the account screen similar to Orion Maps to enable or disable this feature per account or group if needed?

    3. Do the users have the ability to have these dashboards as a landing app age when they login or will it just be a view they can navigate to? If the later can an admin select the users dashboards as a landing page on request? I’m thinking NOC screens or wallboards should just login and land straight on the dashboard.

    4. It wasn’t mentioned but it looks from the screenshot that the columns restriction has gone and you can have different number of columns per line similar to the web report builder? If so is that restricted to Dashboards or will it be all views?


    Im excited to see this in the wild and get my hands on it I’m planning on upgrading my lab ASAP!


    Tried it out a bit, fantastic possibilities, but also a few things that can be improved to next version.

    • No maps widget - now that maps is so nice 🙂
    • Seems I can't link a new dashboard to a users start page. Guess I have to use an classic page with html-code to do a redirect
    • No NOC-functionality - rolling pages
    • Don't like that all permissions end up on the admin account. Too many users are admin because they want to do something that require admin priv. Use the old permission here also! Want granular permissions, not less
    • Sometimes when I add a widget, or change size the whole webpage starts wobbling. Think it's related to time series widget. Stops when changing size or some other changes. Hard to describe...
    • No view limitation

    Enough complaining, this can be used for nice things and it has a great potential!!


    it's not pretty. Then again, new features that come out too early and are not fully developed.

    Guys this IS really pretty!  I'm so excited about this and can't wait to play! I love no lock on columns appearance (that always bugged my OCD with spacing) I love the colors, the new graphs the easy to use SWQL! AND as an added bonus you even gave us some starter queries.  Tears of joy ova here.  Heck yes!! golf clap!!

    @dgsmith80  Thank you for the feedback. I'm looking forward to seeing some of the real-world dashboards you create.

    1. "Does this mean existing Summary views will be able to be edited in this new Manage Dashboards menu and will they will be admin restricted initially." 

    Manage Dashboards is available to all Orion users. Users without Admin privileges will only be able to manage dashboards they own. Users without manage views rights will not see classic views in manage dashboards. 

    2. "Is there going to be an option in the account screen similar to Orion Maps to enable or disable this feature per account or group if needed?"

    There is not currently an option to toggle this feature per account. I have noted this as a feature request

    3. "Do the users have the ability to have these dashboards as a landing app age when they login or will it just be a view they can navigate to? If the later can an admin select the users dashboards as a landing page on request? I’m thinking NOC screens or wallboards should just login and land straight on the dashboard."

    Dashboards are in essence just a URL. Although the dashboards links will not appear in the list of drag and drop items to add, These can be manually added to the user's menu bar in the same way as any other URL. I have noted a feature request to include modern dashboards to the drop-down list for the users home page view setting

    4. "It wasn’t mentioned but it looks from the screenshot that the columns restriction has gone and you can have different number of columns per line similar to the web report builder? If so is that restricted to Dashboards or will it be all views?"

    Modern dashboards are not bound by the limit of 6 columns as exists in classic views. Widgets can be scaled horizontally and vertically on the canvas grid. This functionality exists only within modern dashboards.


    Thank you for the feedback, you raise some valid points.

    Additional widgets types are certainly being researched and an Orion Maps widget is certainly bright on the radar for future improvements. I'm curious are there other widgets you would like to see for example custom HTML? 

    Linking dashboards to users' initial log page is being tracked as a feature request.

    On the subject of the screen wobble, could you tell me:

    • No. of monitors in use.
    • Screen Resolution
    • Browser being used

    NOC style rotation and a view limitations equivalent for modern dashboards are also high on the list of candidates for future improvement. As you may be aware, in classic views, the limitations defined apply to all subviews, considering this is how we achieve NOC functionality today, would the ability to display modern dashboards as subview achieve what want? Would you be open to participating in a UX feedback session on this topic at some point?



    I use custom query a lot, for some cases that is covered already but the search capability in custom query i like a lot.It's faster than other search tools in orion.

    The wobbling: 3 screens, resolution: issue comes with a combination of widget size and browser window size. Browser Chrome  Version 81.0.4044.129 64 bit.

    Modern dashboard as subview, yes - that would be nice to have as we migrate to only modern dashboard in the future.

    UX session, have done a few and I'm always happy to help! 


    1. After testing, it is found that Orion map cannot be supported. Do you plan to add it later?

    2. Whether you can support more color matching, or can customize the color


    1. Additional widgets types are certainly being researched and an Orion Maps widget is certainly bright on the radar for future improvements.

    2. Proportional Charts have the option of a user-defined color for each segment which accepts hex code colors such as #FF8C00





    By chance, if you toggle the browser bookmarks bar does it affect this behavior?


    Just tested: Yes, toggle browser bookmark bar does remove the wobbling, but only because it changes the browser window size/resolution. I can get the behavior both with and without bookmark bar.

    I did NOT get the wobbling with Microsoft Edge 44.18362.449.0

    Thanks for the feedback @tony.johnson I look forward to more testing.

    question from me - as a concept how do SW vision these dashboard would be used? As NOC type read only pages which are used to spotlight issues, with drill down pages going into either Classic views or details views? I think this will vary the additional feature. OR is the plan for Dashboards to eventually replace classic views? I think the two need to work closer. Personally I would have preferred to see dashboard as a feature you enable per view similar to NOC views so that you can promote specific views to a dashboard view.

    My environment has a large number of basic users who we restrict access to basic functions. We don’t allow map creation otherwise we would have 100’s of maps that somebody then has to review, plus it needs someone with Edit Views to add it to the pages and that is restricted to power users only.

    I agree with @Seashore about adding more granular permissions as what’s the point in having RBAC if you can’t leverage it.


    thank you very much!

    In addition, I have some questions:

    1. Will there be dark themes in the dashboard later?

    2. Will more chart styles be added?




    NICE! Thank you for sharing. Dark Theme is certainly something we are acutely aware of and will continue to track and consider with each release.

    For the additional chart styles, could you provide more detail on what you expect to see? 

    Can the "Showing X of Y. All items loaded." label at the bottom of Table Widget be removed?  If you have just a header and 1 row of data that label will actually cover the row of data unless you make the widget bigger than it actually needs to be.  Either that or add a way to manually size the widget..or am I missing how to do that?


    @tony.johnson I am trying to figure out how to add the Average Availability Today KPI Widget but it doesn't seem very intuitive.  Where should I be looking?

    This has made me so ridiculously happy, I can't even express it! Great work!!


    Have you been able to get so far as to drag and drop a widget onto the dashboard and select the KPI widget type?

    The data model used for average availability last 24 hours would look like this.

    SELECT avg(Availability) as ava FROM Orion.ResponseTime
    where datetime >= ADDHOUR(-24,getdate())


    Now just add Dark Theme and all of my Orion wishes will have been granted when it comes to the UI.  This is seriously fantastic and, once Dark Mode is implemented, will rival Dynatrace in pretty dashboards.

    @tony.johnsonI did, I just wasn't sure what the query would be or where to look in the graphical query builder.  Honestly, one of my biggest pain points with Solarwinds is figuring out where data lives in the Database and then which SWQL I can use...because Solarwinds had to use a different SQL language 😋.


    The unit being placed under the value is a bit odd...can we get it to the right of the value?



    My dashboard so far.  Need to figure out how to manipulate the background colors still.


    @andrew.ellis Love the dash! Can't wait until I can move production to this version.

    @keegen  What are you using for the dark mode? Is that turning on chrome://flags/#enable-force-dark? or something else?

    This really looks positive! Is there an ETA for GA on this release? Also, the real-time dashboards, are they client side driven or server side (i.e. where is the load!) 

    @tony.johnson Loving it so far though it doesn't seem as though the radial graphs and linear graphs in the old system are supported on the new dashboard. Is there a plan to implement those?

    KPI data on utilization percentage for a specific interface seems a bit less intuitive to build without using manual SWQL queries.

    Is there a method to upgrade an existing classic dashboard into the modern dashboard? A wizard that does some of the heavy lifting and queries for widgets that aren't OOB would be extremely handy. 

    When starting to edit a KPI should there be anything in the left column when I don't have "Show advanced entities & properties" checked? 

    Definitely count me as a vote for custom HTML. I've got multiple widgets that merge swql and javascript to format that keep me from going live with the modern dashboards just yet.
    Highly impressed with the huge progress in the modernization push and cannot wait to see what the next push introduces 😄


    Quick addendum:

    Are there plans to have a modern version of the default pages for each module's main summary view eg. Orion main page, NPM, NCM, SAM, SCM, etc? I think having those all replicated with the new features and design ethos would be a good way to replicate widgets we want and have a deeper understanding of the capabilities of the update.



    It is best to have an area chart type

    Is there a particular reason that you can't set fixed with for all columns? 

    Also if there is a way to not display number of records in a table at bottom of the table widget that would be handy.

    Lastly there seems to be a bug in the icon chooser for simple number values that won't allow choosing "do not display an icon".


    Only have one question... Can i export this views? It would be great if these views could be exported. We take a lot of time creating them and it would be important to be able to export them 😎

    Here's my first pass using the new dashboard tools.

    Would love it if there were an ability to make KPI widgets stack in a 2x2 format (taking up the same space as the single widget does). 

    Almost all of these I went the route of custom SWQL rather than with the builder. I grabbed the screenshot during a small bit of maintenance on the sites pingdom monitors in order to showcase the threshold color change on the linear graphs 😍.

    Will the left side slider in classic dashboards be making a comeback? Having a quick way to switch to a detailed view of the main summary (and vice versa) would be heavenly.


    Current modern dashboard designCurrent modern dashboard design

    Can you add a Orion Map to a Modern Dashboard?

    @tony.johnson Is there a way to target "manage nodes" with data? I'd love the node down widget to be able to link to manage nodes with "down" as a preset filter.

    Not sure if it is just me but even with "Disable Session Timeout" set to yes, the modern dashboard times out.

    @tony.johnson is there an intent to have the modern dashboard replace the classic one? I ask because I don’t see any way to add multiple views (subsets) to a page or add maps to a page. Is that functionality coming or is the intent for the modern dashboard just to be a summary stand alone? Right now I am able to restrict what displays on my classic view pages using groups. I see that I can do that with filters in the modern dashboard but that would be per widget and could very time consuming for a whole page. I know I could copy an existing one and tailor it per each instance but just wondering what the thought process is on this? 

    @hansolo  Thanks for the feedback. The points you raise are all consistent with my hopes for improvements to the modern dashboard framework.  The intention is not to replace classic summary views in any way for now, although additional functionality such as a maps widget/filtering/subviews could perhaps go a long way towards seeing more widespread adoption of modern summary views across Orion modules. 

    @chrisorourke Thanks for sharing your dashboard its looks great! I have tried this in my lab and it works well when there are the values are all the same length however to achieve what you need would look better by creating two separate widgets as the overflow depends on the width of the text within the KPI cell. There should also be a 'Do not display a prefix icon;' option available in the simple number formatter. If this is not the case please let me know.


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