NTA server does not show all flows in Web Console

Hello everyone!!! I'm new to SolarWinds products. Our company decided to deploy network traffic monitoring system. Our choice was on SolarWinds NTA. I deployed NTA trial environment and configured Netflow on network devices. NTA server collects and shows some data from network devices but not all. Wireshark on NTA server shown me that  network devices send all neccesary flows to NTA server, but it does not show me them in Web Console. What's may be wrong?

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  • There are two routers as netflow sensors (rkc8, rkc9). I think only the last one picture is interesting. When I added rkc8, I also added all it sub-interfaces to NPM. Only Vlan50 interface was not and it was added automatically. Now Web Console regularly update information about flow on sub-interfaces 4.56, 4.53, 4.55. Information about interface flows on 4.192 never received, although there is traffic there