Does SolarWinds keep any records of when a print job spools up

Hi SW community,

We are unsure if Solarwinds even keeps track of when a print jobs is spun up and starts.

I have been able to find when the job completes, but now when it is initiated.

Does anyone know if Solarwinds tracks this information and where it can be found?

Thanks in advance,

  • If I am understanding your question, you wish to monitor the timing for print jobs starting. This is not likely to be data you would get from polling, as my experience would be that polling print servers (SNMP/WMI etc.) will give you stats on how many active jobs currently exist, the total number of jobs printed, failed jobs etc.

    For the start and end times of jobs, you are going to need to refer to event data, which is likely to be syslog or SNMP trap based (I prefer syslog always). You will need to look in to the print management platform and look to send event data as syslog to your syslog server, which I am guessing for you would be one of the SolarWinds logging solutions; Orion, Kiwi, Loggly, PaperTrail, SEM.

    With the syslog receiver, you would create a dashboard which will output structured message data to give you that visibility.