Analyzing Data Using SolarWinds

Hi Guys,

My business requires to analyze data from particular emails we are receiving in outlook(office 365). What we need is to get a weekly graph of the email alerts we are getting from that particular subject line, to analyze how many times that particular problem has triggered. Any suggestion?

  • 1. Open up NPM's Reports area

    2. In the upper right area you'll find a window into which you should type "alert" (minus the quotation marks).

    3. Click the magnifying glass to the right of the search window to search for all reports that have "Alert" in their title

    4. Select the Report that sounds most likely to be helpful and View it.

    5. If it has the right kind of information, you can use it as it is by clicking the "SCHEDULE REPORTS" button in the upper right and running it on the schedule you find most appropriate

    6. If the Report needs better refinement to fill your needs, click Manage Reports in the upper right area. 

    Report-Writer-based reports cannot be edited via the web GUI; to adjust them you'll need to RDP to the main instance and start the Solarwinds Report Writer application on that server and adjust the report from there (or duplicate it and edit the new report).

    Web-based reports can be edited via the GUI without need to RDP to the Main Instance or using Report Writer.

    7.  If needed, click Edit Report for the web-based Report and edit the table, the triggered events, the time frame, etc.

    Swift Packets to you and your customers!  May your new report schedule show your boss and your peers how you can shine with Solarwinds!

    Rick Schroeder