Top 8 Challenges in Network Monitoring

A business achieves success only if it has suitably functioning infrastructure. Though the organizations use several tools for monitoring and employ IT admins to resolve the issues in monitoring, they meet unavoidable challenges in monitoring and cause network downtime, which impact the business directly. You can find the top eight challenges that lead to network downtime as follows:

1. Monitoring over logs of interconnected devices

There are numerous applications that run daily on routine basis in an organization and their logs are maintained appropriately. Failure of any of these applications will lead to severe business impacts.  IT admins require knowledge on how devices are interconnected each other to figure out the consequence of failure on other interconnected devices.

2. Network Monitoring

Network issues may occur at any time and IT admins expected to be proactive to identify those issues through analyzing network traffic logs, reports, and dashboards. Handling network issues on time is a tedious task, however IT admin has to identify log patterns. 

3. Predictive Approach

IT admin should adopt predictive approach in identifying failures and issues with corresponding impacts prior to the outcomes in advance without notifying end users. This kind of predictive approach will lead IT admin to take necessary action in advance.

4. Identification of erroneous devices

Erroneous hardware device remains a mandatory element for causing frequent network failures. IT admins can improve abilities of identifying the cause of network failure, troubleshooting methods, and recommending upgrades in the equipment. 

5. Observe critical metrics

Network issues exhibit changes or deviations from its usual patterns. Developing the ability of viewing critical metrics such as maximum disk usage, critical state, trends of firewall alerts, etc will help IT admin to act fast, thus reducing impact of network failure.

6. Bandwidth Usage metrics

Network failures or issues occur if users access network at maximum bandwidth. IT admin should gain knowledge on bandwidth usage metrics, thus getting visibility over network usage of employee.

7. Continuous alerts on slowed network

Slowed network is also one of the network issues that require adequate attention to optimize further. IT admin can receive alerts on failed network devices and can further figure out the rationale behind their occurrence.

8. Complete visibility over remote sites

Most of the organizations are operating their production environment in remote sites. When there is no connectivity or network failure in remote sites, it will result to chaos. The ability to develop unified dashboard with complete visibility over remote sites will drive IT admin to achieve success in network monitoring.

These are possible 8 challenges in network monitoring. IT admin can overcome these challenges by continuous network monitoring, analyzing traffic logs, and intuitive approach to remove issues with complete visibility over usage metrics.