Question about "Pending moderation" status

Hey. I posted a question about SWQL 10 minutes ago and it was successfully posted. However, I found a mistake and fixed it after publication. Now I received a "Pending moderation" warning. Is this a bug or should I be concerned that I ended up on a spam list? Additionally, how long does it usually take for moderators to check and publish a message? Thanks."

  • Oh, I see:

    Don't know why, btw. Looks like anti-spam bug

  • This was actually flagged because of the number of posts within "X" minutes.  One of the ways that spammers hit is by bulk loading content over and over again.  Unfortunately, if you are like me (and I know you are), you probably saw a small error, made and edit, and then resubmitted - and maybe did it a second or third time.  Because it happened in rapid succession, the system erroneously flagged it for moderation.

    We generally try to clear any moderation queue about twice per day on working days - once in the morning and once in the evenings.

  • It'd be nice if this was relaxed for people with a certain standing (i.e. # of points, days since registration, number of badges, etc... ). Finding the right balance is so hard!!

  • We've started to investigate using reputation as a qualifier to skip moderation, but it requires a significant amount of tuning.  If we set it wrong, we could easily undo all the progress we've made.

    I know it doesn't seem like things are better, but they most definitely are better than they were, even as little as 90 days ago.

    We'll be looking at it closer after we're upgraded to the next version of the community.

    You will all be (if you are interested) involved with the testing thereof when it's time.