Custom Lab Environment

Hi Team,

Does Solarwinds provide custom lab environment?

In my last few assignment, we have observed the need of test environment. 

Please let me know how you are setting up test environment at your place, Does Solarwinds provides licensing for that?

It would be useful if Solarwinds can create and sell custom test environment in the cloud.



  • If you are talking about the Orion Platform products, there are a few options.  If you want to utilize a public cloud , the products are available in the Azure and AWS marketplaces for installation.  They install the same products that you would download, but you skip the download and install parts.  These are run in your own cloud infrastructure.  if we ran them in our cloud infrastructure, they probably would not (nor should they) have access to your infrastructure.

    If you just want to see how the products would work together to see the newest features/functionality, then the Orion Public Demo is the place to go.  It's a read-only build, but shows most of the functionality and how the data is represented.

    If you need a true test/dev environment at your organization, then you should speak with your sales person or account manager.  There are a few options, but I don't have the details and wouldn't want to tell you something that's not true.  This is the ideal scenario for most larger organizations who need separate staging/development/production environments.

    Alternatively, if you don't need a permanent staging environment, you can run for 30 days of full functionality on the Orion Platform products without a license.  That is normally enough for most to do my testing of applications, components, scripts, alerts, and other things before exporting and then importing them to a production environment.  This is completely doable and works for most people who just need a one-off environment for some quick work.

  • Thank you I will check with my account manager.