Does SolarWinds have a southbound interface?

Does Solarwinds have a southbound interface to receive alarms from another NMS?

I am unable to directly monitor our firetide radios directly via SNMP or ICMP.

FireTide HotView Pro has a northbound interface that will forward alarms and config info to another NMS, if the other NMS has a southbound interface.

Does solarwinds have the capability to receive these alarms from another NMS?

  • no. import of unsupported events is one of bigest pain in solarwinds...

    there is workaround, where you can periodically check with sql if trap arrived, and triger solarwinds alarm, but this is obviously horrible solution.... we are complaining and raising request for this particular feature(southbound interface) more then  3 years, but solarwinds is succesafully dodging and ignoring customer screaming for help emoticons_happy.pngemoticons_happy.png