How to generate report for collecting Microsoft IIS details?

Hello All,

I am trying to generate the report for seeing the on how many servers Microsoft IIS is installed/Active/Disabled.

I tried to create the report using SWQL query, Dynamic Query Builder and Static selection as well but the output is not correct.

Can any one of you help me out with this.

the SWQL query i'm using is

SELECT n.Caption, n.DetailsUrl, n.Status, n.ChildStatus, t.Name, t.State, t.LastRunResult, ToLocal(t.LastRunTime) AS LastRunTime, ToLocal(t.DateOfCreation) AS DateOfCreation, t.Author

FROM Orion.APM.Wstm.Task t

INNER JOIN Orion.Nodes n ON t.NodeID = n.NodeID



Purushottam Rathi