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SolarWinds Labs


I am trying to understand what happened to SolarWInds labs? Those videos are very helpful in learning about features that we want to implement in our environment, as well as discovering features that we didn't know that existed. Is SolarWinds Labs a thing of the past?


  • Thank you for the update. More SWQL deep dives and live labs would be extremely helpful.

  • Sure, I am speaking specifically on labs such as Lab #86, #91, and #93. These labs focus on SWQL, getting more example labs such as this and relating more specifically toward network monitoring would be great. It's one thing to see and try other community members' examples, its quite another to see them being built in real time. Generally, ALL of the lab content that is already posted is extremely useful. The original question arose from the fact that there hasn't been any new labs posted for about a year now, and before that there were new posts every couple of months. I was just trying to gain perspective on what was going on  at SolarWinds and to see if I could look forward to more content.

  • I appreciate your replies. I will check out the LiveCast Archive. Thanks again!