Geekly World News - June 2023

Summer is officially beginning this month! Kids are on break for the next few months – mine always thinks it’s unfair I don’t get summer vacation. We’ll be spending time balancing indoor fun with soaking in the sunshine this month. I hope you get some much-needed relaxing vibes in as well. Meanwhile, last month we had a great time visiting with you in the Twin Cities at SWUG. We had some great conversations and good fun, and we hope you enjoyed it and thought it worthwhile. Hopefully, attendees all filled out the post-event surveys to let us know what went well and what can be improved. We appreciate your feedback. Enjoy the start of the summer!  

What Might You Have Missed in May? 

SolarWinds Collaboration is a Two-Way Street by Sascha Giese 

Gov.UK’s One Login Programme: The Key to Unlocking Digital Transformation by Sascha Giese 

AI in Government Needs Careful Consideration by Sascha Giese 

Now is the Time for DataOps to Make its Mark in Government Digital Transformation by Sascha Giese 

A Simplified Guide to Implementing Full-Stack Observability by Sascha Giese 

VoD: Performance Tuning SQL Server Using Wait Statistics featuring Thomas LaRock 

Protecting Your Organisation’s Crown Jewels: Production Data by Thomas LaRock 

Demystifying Observability With Four Simple Questions by Thomas LaRock 

Four Questions About Observability by Thomas LaRock (German) 

Analyzing the Micro Focus – OpenText Merger: Three Crucial Areas for Success by Thomas LaRock 

RSAC – Golden Gate Goodness by Chrystal Taylor 

What’s Planned for June? 

As always, you can look forward to TechPodTm featuring one or more of us at any time. 

Thomas LaRock regularly cohosts the Raw Data Podcast, where they bring in industry pros to discuss top-of-mind topics. 

Sascha Giese will be speaking at Data Saturday in Edinburgh on June 3, 2023 about Understanding Alert Fatigue at the University of Edinburgh. 

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