• Geekly World News - August 2021

    Welcome to August! July saw us celebrating SysAdmin Day, and we hope you all celebrated well. We welcome you to join us in congratulating Tom and Kevin for being renewed as Microsoft MVPs. August will also see many of us sending our kids back to sch...
    • 5 Aug 2021
  • Building a Network Architecture to Support the Next Phase of Remote Work

    I really liked this piece by my SolarWinds® associate Brandon Shopp discussing how the right tools and plans can be leveraged to ensure successful network operations. The global pandemic continues to fluctuate, but the reliance on IT services and...
    • 2 Aug 2021
  • IT Pro Day ’21: Bring IT On

    IT Pro Day has always been about singing the praises of practitioners across the vast spectrum of tech specialties. But an important question is what, exactly, prepared you for this career?
    • 2 Aug 2021
  • SysAdmin Day 2021: You Are Enough

    I’d like to offer some new thoughts for my SysAdmin family to help process the year that was and navigate the challenges to come.
    • 28 Jul 2021
  • Finding Zen in Tedium

    As often happens, I was recently talking about my son and his attitude regarding chores. Doing the thing parents do, commiserating and getting advice from another parent who’s been through it, Leon shared what his family does for chores. As yo...
    • 27 Jul 2021
  • AI Never Sleeps in the Data Center

    A data center typically employs between 30-200 people depending on the size and the intended project use. But only a fraction of those folks run the IT side. Besides swapping gear—the infamous “remote hands”—there isn’t ...
    • 27 Jul 2021
  • Time Is on My Side – With a Raspberry Time Server

    I don’t like warnings in log files. Even if there’s no real impact—I guess it’s kind of an OCD thing. IT-OCD. I just invented it. I see something in yellow or red, I want to fix it. I have to. MUST…FIX…You know w...
    • 23 Jul 2021
  • Monitoring Could Prove to Be a Lifesaver for the Public Sector

    Here’s an interesting article by my colleague Brandon Shopp discussing impacts from the pandemic and recommendations on improving the remote worker experience. One of the business consequences from the pandemic—increased remote working&md...
    • 19 Jul 2021
  • A DBA’s Habit for Success: CMMI (Part Five)

    We’ve reached the final piece of our five-part series, and while I’m sad to end it, I hope you or your DBA teams have learned enough to move forward with the Information Management Maturity Model (IMMM). Although there are five steps to ...
    • 6 Jul 2021
  • How is Cloud Adoption Changing Public School Education?

    I really liked this piece by my SolarWinds® associate Brandon Shopp discussing how cloud adoption enables a personalized, collaborative, and immersive learning experience for students As the past year has shown, cloud computing has proved a vital...
    • 6 Jul 2021