Unveiling THWACKcamp 2024: April 17 – 18

We heard you, and we're excited to announce the return of THWACKcamp! Mark your calendars for April 17-18, 2024, as we bring you the event you've all been waiting for. 

Get ready to decomplexify IT with industry experts, thought leaders, and tech enthusiasts who'll share their insights and solutions. We're committed to helping you navigate the ever-evolving IT landscape, making it simpler, more efficient, and more exciting than ever. 

But here's the best part - you won't need to pack a suitcase or book a flight. You can pitch up a virtual tent with us from the comfort of your own digital domain. Stay tuned for more exciting details about THWACKcamp. In the meantime, catch up on last event's sessions.

THWACK - Symbolize TM, R, and C