Secure your Spot for SolarWinds Day AI: Friend or Foe?

Our next SolarWinds Day event is coming up on June 26/27. I hope you can join us.

SolarWinds recently completed our annual IT Trends report for 2024 – AI: Friend or Foe? This year’s report focused on the perception of AI in the IT industry. Together with Krishna Sai, SVP of Engineering, and Cullen Childress, SVP of Product Management, we’re talking about AIOps and Generative AI, and where they fit into the IT world. Top of mind for IT pros with these technologies are questions of privacy, security, and data integrity. 

We will discuss important questions such as, what is the current state of AI integration in IT, how can implementing AIOps and Generative AI best support an organization’s needs, and how can businesses parse the good from the bad to ensure the integrity of the data?

We’re excited to engage with you and answer questions in the chat and Q&A section. Register now if you haven’t already!

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