IT Pro Day 2023

It’s IT Pro Day! It's the time of year we all get together to recognize the hard work IT Pros do all year round. So, let’s gather ‘round the warmth of the server room and share stories of bravery in the face of angry end users, feats of impressive networking skill, cyber defense heroism, and other harrowing IT stories. 

SolarWinds proudly established IT Pro Day in 2015 to show some much-needed recognition to the IT Pros who keep everything running. IT is often a thankless job, but we can (and should!) recognize each other, even if our end users don’t.  

This year, we encourage you all to award your peers using one of the four IT Pro Day badges on LinkedIn. Call out and recognize those in your professional network who have earned a place in the spotlight for their work. The categories this year are Cyber Star of the Year, IT Mentor of the Year, Rockstar of the Year, and Trailblazer of the Year. 

Cyber Star of the Year is a new category this year, and I’m really excited to read the stories that go along with it. Of course, I’m just excited to see all the well-deserved recognition being shared. No matter which category you choose to award someone, the important thing is sharing the story behind it to show you care and their hard work was noticed and appreciated. 

We did our own IT Pro Day awards internally to celebrate our IT personnel, and I encourage you to take the time to recognize the IT Pros at your companies. In that spirit, I’ll share my own experience with IT this year and highlight some of our IT pros for the excellent experience I’ve had. I had to get two pieces of hardware replaced this year: my laptop and my docking station. As a remote employee, I appreciate the protocols they went through to ensure I got the hardware safely, securely, and quickly. They took great pains to ensure I had everything I needed before sending the old hardware back, as well. Throughout all the issues – there were several due to software and firmware problems as well as the original issues caused by the old hardware – they maintained friendly and helpful attitudes. So, shout out to Matt Helms, Shannon Brewster, Charles Padilla, and Robert Monreal for being excellent. 

Special shoutout from us here at SolarWinds to you for being the best community of IT Pros, and especially to our THWACK MVPs who go above and beyond every day. I’d like to invite you to recognize your fellow THWACKsters for any amazing help, insight, advice, etc., they’ve given you this year. Check out the IT Pro Day videos on and share a chuckle with your favorite IT pro. Share your stories in the comments, and be sure to tag the helpful THWACKster to share those good feelings.

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