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  • IT Pro Day 2023

    It’s IT Pro Day! It's the time of year we all get together to recognize the hard work IT Pros do all year round. So, let’s gather ‘round the warmth of the server room and share stories of bravery in the face of angry end users,...
    • 19 Sep 2023
  • THWACK Mini-Mission - September 2023

    In celebration of this year’s IT pro day, celebrating the everyday tech hero like you, join us for a linguistic adventure, where you'll answer questions from various IT topics to connect seemingly unrelated words. Will you possess the wit...
    • 18 Sep 2023
  • SolarWinds Day: New Product Announcements, Demos, and More.

    If you are interested in database or service management, you will want to attend our next SolarWinds Day virtual event next week: Wednesday for North America/EMEA and Thursday for those in APJ.  We’ll announce new capabilities that e...
    • 13 Sep 2023
  • New Community Evangelist – Guess Who?

    Hey, party people! I’m happy to announce that I’m transitioning from my role as a Head Geek to being full-time on the Community team as a Community Evangelist. What does that mean? Who even am I? Who cares?  Well, in reverse order: ...
    • 11 Sep 2023
  • Join me for SolarWinds Day: ITSM and Database Monitoring for All

    I recently returned to SolarWinds, and it has been non-stop action! Right now, I am gearing up to present in our next SolarWinds Day virtual event (Sept. 20 for North America/EMEA and Sept. 21 for those in APJ). I hope you can tune in. This event co...
    • 6 Sep 2023
  • THWACK Monthly Mission - September 2023

    Greetings intrepid adventurers of both the virtual and mythical realms! Your CEO has hired you to observe and report on the state of their lands. You must gather your party of IT Pros and travel through the dangerous lands of Techrûn. Your p...
    • 4 Sep 2023
  • SolarWinds Day Is Back! Join Us on September 20th

    We’re super excited for our next SolarWinds Day event, where we will share how we are making it easier than ever to access and use IT operational tools. We will introduce our latest innovations that expand the availability of our Service Desk...
    • 21 Aug 2023
  • Charlotte SWUG - The Hangover Edition

    The final SolarWinds User Group in Charlotte, NC just wrapped and what a fantastic time was had by all! I'm looking forward to seeing everyone in 2024.
    • 17 Aug 2023
  • THWACK Monthly Mission - August 2023

    In the mystical realm of the SolarWinds Academy, aspiring tech wizards gather to learn the art of taming unruly networks and vanquishing digital demons. While they might not wield wands or brew potions, these IT sorcerers wave their magical mouse ...
    • 7 Aug 2023
  • Last Call for SWUG Charlotte

    Time is rapidly running out to join us for the 100% free, 100% in-person, 100% educational, 100% epic SolarWinds User Group in Charlotte, NC on August 8-9. Reserve Your Seat These events are the highlight of my calendar year and I love meeting with ...
    • 1 Aug 2023