• 2021 Bracket Battle: 1, 2 – 1, 2, 3, 4

    And, just like that, we have narrowed the field to the final four bands who’re all tuned up and ready to face off once again. It certainly looks like we may be headed into an interesting final matchup if we are reading the tea leaves correctly&...
    • 12 Apr 2021
  • 2021 Bracket Battle: Eight Bands Standing…

    It feels a little like we’ve been hosting our own little music festival for the past few weeks. We have seen bands come and some bands go… we have collectively waxed nostalgic and collectively questioned whoever built this bracket for in...
    • 8 Apr 2021
  • 2021 Bracket Battle: These Bands Survive to Play Another Day

    We have completed the first full round in this year’s Bracket Battle Royale and while some of these matchups were pretty uneven (looking in your direction Spinal Tap), we were pleased to see some tight races and some sharp debate. We have sixte...
    • 5 Apr 2021
  • THWACK Monthly Mission - April 2021

    There’s a simple joy in following the data on your screens. Sitting back in the super-extra-comfy office chair you splurged on last year, you gaze around at the monitors in front of you. It’s calming to see everything in one place, all ...
    • 5 Apr 2021
  • Wanted: API Pollers — Claim Your Bounty

    For the entire month of April, 2021 we're asking for your help in tracking down the best API Pollers. We're deputizing the entire THWACK Community to help us locate them and there are substantial bounties available for the taking. Join the hunt and help the Sheriff make monitoring safe for all environments.
    • 1 Apr 2021
  • Bracket Battle 2021: Time To Bring The NOISE!

    The line-up is set, and the arena is full… it’s time to get this battle started!  As is customary, we eased you into the Battle Royale with a teaser round, a little taste of the matchups to follow. A pairing of pop-sensation madness...
    • 31 Mar 2021
  • 2021 Bracket Battle: Battle of the Fake Bands

    Each year, as we plan the annual SolarWinds Bracket Battle, we seek to find a premise that is inspiring, worthy of spirited and fulsome debate, a topic that will motivate y’all to campaign and cajole… We’ve had mythical creatures a...
    • 29 Mar 2021
  • Announcing the SolarWinds THWACK MVPs for 2021

    Each year we select THWACK members to be elevated to the rank of MVP. Here's an overview of the program and the list of recent additions to the ranks.
    • 18 Mar 2021
  • [WEBCAST] Achieve Comprehensive Observability From Client Side to Server Side - March 30 @ 2 pm CT

    When teams are only monitoring metrics, traces, logs, or user experience in isolation, they can’t gain the perspective they need to infer the total system’s internal state. This results in narrower visibility, reduced capacity for proacti...
    • 15 Mar 2021
  • THWACK Tuesday Tip :: How to Schedule Patching for Security Event Manager

    Patching software is critical to keep your systems performing their best, but letting systems patch software at their own discretion can introduce downtime when it is inconvenient. Thankfully, you can leverage SolarWinds Patch Manager to help alleviate that. In this example, Kevin shows you how to patch the SolarWinds Security Event Manager agents on your own schedule, quickly and easily.
    • 23 Feb 2021