WPM: Current Screenshot location

Hello - I'm looking for the directory path where the current screenshots are kept.  I'm also curious how long these files are kept before being removed automatically.  I need to go back and pull some of these screenshots to prove that the alerts are not a false-positive.


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  • Did some digging on the topic and it's interesting the difference between the SQL and SWQL structure. SWQL tells me i've got (at max) >2k screenshots for one transaction step, however I think in SQL this is because they're all the same.

    in SWQL they're in tables under SEUM referencing "large" data

    I happen to have messed with this a bit already and can confirm that export is fine, but i've been looking for a method to convert the byte array into an image such that it's embedded in an email and wouldn't require solarwinds auth. Would love it if you stumble across that.

  • This is the SWQL we have internally

    SELECT TOP 1000 TransactionId, TransactionStepId, RecordingId, StepId,
    TransactionSteps.Step.Name, WarningThreshold, CriticalThreshold, OptimalThreshold,
    TransactionSteps.Transaction.LastDateTimeUtc, ScreenshotId, ScreenshotDateTimeUtc,
    FROM Orion.SEUM.TransactionSteps

    SELECT TOP 1 TransactionId, TransactionStepId, DateTimeUtc, Duration, Status, ScreenshotId,
    FROM Orion.SEUM.StepResponseTimeDetail (nolock=true)
    ORDER BY DateTimeUtc DESC