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VRealize vs SolarWinds


Does anyone have a set of good reasons I can use why we would use SolarWinds over VRealize VROps? I have some down already. More would be welcome.


  • I am quite curious about this subject as well.  The VROps test my organization built out seems to be quite handy, not sure if this is better suited for SW or not.

  • I find vrops itself only really covers part of what SolarWinds can do. SolarWinds out of the box is much easier to configure and with the added features that the other products provide over and above what VMAN does you have a much better product. It's cheaper too unless you get vrops for free which seems to be the case with some large VMWARE environments I've seen lately.

  • Depending on your licensing level for VROPS, some features may not be as functional as any demo you have seen. But yeah - solarwinds tends to be quicker to get use from the data too. Ditto to