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How to Monitor QNAP, Synology and Dell PowerVault on SRM?


We are trying to monitor the below devices using SRM:

  • QNAP TS-863U-RP
  • QNAP TS-873
  • Synology RS3621xs+
  • Dell EMC PowerVault ME4024
  • DELL PowerVault NX3200

However, they are not listed in the supported devices list.

Did anyone manage to find a workaround to add them to SRM ?

Thanks in advance!

  • The QNAP and Synology devices are open feature requests but they are not on the near term roadmap for support. If you have NPM or SAM you might be able to add those as SNMP nodes and get some basic data from them that way. The Dell ME4024 might work if you use the "Dot Hill" template when you are adding it to SRM. The NX3200 is also an open feature request with no timeline for adoption currently.

  • Thank you jvd, yes we have NPM and SAM. while waiting for these devices to be supported, we will try to use SNMP when possible.