What We're Working On (February 21, 2024)

Recently Released 

  • Strengthening the ITSM Core 
    • View Other approvers comments in the portal Jan 21
    • Received quantities in purchase order Dec 10
    • Improve Search Results Dec 10
    • Upgrade Discovery scanner agent with OpenSSL version 3 Jan 21
    • Dynamic Approvers Nov 26
    • Enterprise Service Management (ESM)/Beyond IT
      • Collaboration Phase 1 Feb 4
    • Convert a service request to incident Jan 21
    • Select related asset from portal Feb 18 
  • Analytics
    • PowerBI Integration:
      • Custom fields implementation as part of Power BI connector (New)
      • Send incremental data using the Power BI connector
      • Add assets data to the Power BI connector and additional fields to incidents 
  • Workflows and Automation
    • Modify inputs after service request submission (in Labs) Nov 26
  • Integrations 
    • Updated At filter in the missing objects – API and UI Jan 21
  • Discovery / Asset management
    • Jamf Pro- adding mobile devices Dec 10
    • Upgrade Discovery agent with OpenSSL version 3 Jan 21


What We’re Working On  

Strengthening the ITSM Core    

  • Approvals Reminders (New)
  • One Decline is enough (New)
  • Canned responses for agents
  • Add filters to Custom forms index
  • Enterprise Service Management (ESM)/Beyond IT Enhancements
    • Single pane of glass on Tickets for portal users (New)
    • Certificates management (New)
    • Creation of service providers using templates (New)
  • Sandbox (Premier Plan)
  • Be able to sort results when attaching related items
  • Group assignment system field (New)



  • PowerBI Integration:
  • Ability to filter incidents by hours
  • SWSD Analytics improvements


Workflows and Automation    

  • Assets automation - additional capabilities (New)
  • Field input when attaching runbooks
  • Ability to trigger the automation rules on any field update
  • Filtering automation rules and dynamic form rules indexes (New)
  • Unified trigger for running automation rule when creating or updating an object (New)
  • Parse data from process integration API responses and populate it with workflow actions (New)



  • API
    • Ability to filter by time (New)
    • API filtering improvements (New)
    • API: Add fields documentation
    • API: Add custom fields to groups API call
    • Improve service desk API Documentation
  • Generative AI:
    • Suggested solutions and response (Premier Plan)
    • Ticket summarization (Premier Plan)
  • Virtual Agent enhancements:
    • Phase 3 (Ticket management, Enhanced search)
    • OTB articles (New) / for Premier plan
    • Chat with Live Agent
      • start the chat with an agent with the last conversation with the virtual agent (New) / for Premier plan
      • Chat with Live Agent available on collaboration channels (MS Teams and Slack) (New) / for Premier plan


Discovery / Asset management 

  • Integration with Patch Management tool(s)
  • Move Network Devices to CI data model
  • Assets reports – filtering options improvements
  • Revamp of software index page
    • Adding the ability to merge like software together
  • Exclude IP range from subnet(New)



Mobile App

  • Deep linking from external links (New)


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